Fishus Lures : Ibuki - Cannes Freshwater

Fishus Ibuki

Originally designed for trout fishing and street fishing, the IBUKI is a really lightweight fast action rod perfect to cast and move small lures.
Designed in two sections so you can easily transport it anywhere but still keeping a superb sensitivity for fishing with small soft baits, minnows and crankbaits.
Fuji guides and reel seet to set the icing of the cake for a rod that will delight the most demanding fanatics of light game.

ACB Carbon Blank
Reel seat: Fuji SK+AS
Guides: Fuji KT Alconite

Fishus Ibuki


6' / 183cm 143gr 2 ML/F 1/9-3/7oz (3-12gr) PE 0.4-0.8 123cm