Fishus Lures : Testing Fishus by Lurenzo's new Ippai 135

Testing Fishus by Lurenzo's new Ippai 135

Fishus Lures news : Testing Fishus by Lurenzo's new Ippai 135

This 2020, Fishus, under the design of Isaac Lorenzo, surprises us again with another great fishing lure, the Ippai 135

A one of a kind heavy jerkbait that can work at any water level and specially designed for fishing predators on cliffs or from the boat.

Due to its 44 grams we can cast it pretty far as well as make it sink slowly.

The key is the gravity center just on the center of the lure body, alongside the shape of the side cuts. They make it subtly roll, which perfectly mimics a dying fish falling to the depths. To help you make a picture, imagine when they fish with the chumming technique, and small baitfish is thrown to the water and they slowly fall, flashing from side to side.

But is not only that falling what makes it great. With a steady retrieve the Ippai moves with a strong wobbling, perfect to imitate a scared baitfish while making a lot of vibrations that will be easily detected by any predator around

Ippai heavy minnow lure

Another movement that will gives us a good result, combined with the last two is the jerking. An erratic moving fish will always be conceived by predators as an easy prey, thus, they won't hesitate to attack it

Another key feature of the Ippai is that we can fish from many meters from the water, and it won't get it out of it, even on a moderate sea state
The lure sticks well to the water thanks to its bill, so we will keep it always under water

Dentex caught with Fishus Ippai by Sergio Nieto

Step by step I'm getting used to this great lure, catching bigger and more difficult fishes, like this beautiful dentex
After casting I let the Ippai sink almost til the bottom, then I started jerking it at a fairly high speed with brief stops of about 2 seconds. The lure started falling rolling and flashing, making it really easy to detect from many meters.

Not far from my position something really powerful grabs the lure and runs to the bottom, I have not enough distance to force the drag so I instinctively open my reel's bail and I feel my line rubbing on the bottom rocks

A bit of luck and I'm able to get the braided line out of the rocks, then I'm able to see those beautiful colors near me
The king of the rocks emerges. A couple of pictures and back it goes.

That's all, I wish a good and responsible fishing to everyone, please practice catch and release whenever you can, specially for the big predators

Sergio Nieto

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