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Fishus Ippai

Ippai is a heavy minnow designed to fish big predators with powerful gear. It's a lure with a remarked pelagic nature. With a heavy-duty structure, it features a 150lbs resistant rolling swivel, that allows free turning for the central hook or treble during the fight.

Ippai is a lure with a jigminnow-alike slow balanced fall, perfect to cast into the tuna, little tunny and other big pelagic schools during the feeding frenzy.
It works better when the fishes feed on baitfish but don't pay attention to other lures, unless something falls slowly without moving.
Just keep the line tension, while its rolling movement flashes, looking like a small prey that scaped from the topwater attacks.
An easy meal that predators won't hesitate to effortless suck in.

That restrained fall is what makes Ippai a lethal lure under these conditions.

But also the body design and his lip allow to jerk it aggresively to move along errratically, like a baitfish on trouble, as well as a very fast and steady retrieve keeping itself under water.

It's able to work at more than 5 knots speeds while trolling, with a sharp wobbling and sidesteps, flashing and vibrating, making it easy to target on pelagic waters

Ippai shall be our best ally if we fish from an high position, where other kind of minnows are hard to use. Once we cast and close our pick-up we can estimate a 60cm per second fall rate.
if we let it reach 2-3 meters before we start retrieving we'll be able keep it deep despite jerking it aggressively.

The color chart confirms its pelagic nature, with the essential colors for any kind of light, water and baitfish we'd like to mimic.

Fishus Ippai
Fishus Ippai
Fishus Ippai

Color Chart


Fishus Ippai -BS - Hot Belly Sardine
BS - Hot Belly Sardine
Fishus Ippai -CH - Chartreuse
CH - Chartreuse
Fishus Ippai -GR - Green Back
GR - Green Back
Fishus Ippai -HP - Holo Pearl
HP - Holo Pearl
Fishus Ippai -PH - Pink Holo
PH - Pink Holo
Fishus Ippai -TY - Translucid Ayu
TY - Translucid Ayu


Fishus Ippai -MU - Mullet
MU - Mullet

Size Chart

Length/WeightTypeHook sizeAvailable Colors
135 mm/ 44 gr Rattling - Sinking Treble #1 BS CH GR HP PH TY MU
Giant TrevallyGiant Trevally
False AlbacoreFalse Albacore
Mahi MahiMahi Mahi