Fishus Lures : ESPETIT, a deliberately "evil" stickbait ...

ESPETIT, a deliberately "evil" stickbait ...

Fishus Lures news : ESPETIT,  a deliberately

When we talk about the Espetit we are not talking about a product .. we are talking about the sophistication of nothing less than the ESPETRON .. what a tremendous task !!!

We are talking about a tool developed by a bunch topwater nerds, who have spent years (more than you’d think) reaching great achievements and also, like every angler out there, many defeats.

Espetit Seabass

From all that long history of fishing stories in countless scenarios, about adverse situations, in many seasons, because yeah, seasons matter, after all perseverance and experience teach you topwater fishing is not just a fishing technique for spring and autumn.
There are situations and specific scenarios throughout the year that casting an Espetit can make the difference between catching that fish you wouldn’t not fool the rest of the year or blanking ...

Every detail of this lure has been made with premeditation and with a reason ... the frequency of its inner rattling, the cavities in the gills, the position in which it rests in the water and the noise it emits even with just a windstrike on a long stop, its range of translucent and solid colors, its reaction to the slightest tip movement and the precision you can cast it onto strategic spots.

Espetit Seabass

It’s hard to match the ability of this lure to fish in the hardest spot, to get without effort the maximum number of movements, flashes, vibrations, bubbles and natural stops. You won’t find this in any other similar lure, it’s what we have been committed to since minute zero, in making the Espetit a lure that catches fishes where the rest fails ....

These characteristics are what make this bait a topwater beast, a weapon descended from the Espetron, born to stake out its territory as its cousin did on the sea. Now with other species in mind.

As you can read into my words, my description of the characteristics of the Espetit, refer to predators that beyond highlighting their voracity, often "process" a little more before deciding to attack their prey, take as a good example black-bass and seabass.
Specially when the conditions of clear waters, shortage of air, places under great pressure by other fishermen, they become them more "unpleasant" to other lures with similar characteristics.
But also in the sea with leerfish and amberjacks on calm waters. ... not an easy scenario for a stickbait ...

Topwater largemouth bass

Espetit Seabass

When you fish with a Fishus Espetit don\'t forget that what you have in your hands is the result of the involvement and experiences of geek anglers who have put at your service a tool developed as if it were the revenge of those who laughed at you...

Yeah, we are talking about those fish that followed your lures without biting and drove you crazy ....
No matter if you have to fish with a walking the dog or sliding movement, you need to make noise to trigger attacks or not, or even if you need to stop your lure for 5,6, or 7 seconds .....

When you are fishing in those baitfish-infested waters and the fish laugh at your lures, cast an ESPETIT ... revenge is served cold.


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