Designed for highly technical fishing of distrustful fish that are under a lot of pressure and difficult to fool with stickbaits.

A lure that allows great cast distance with precision and extremely easy execution of walking or sliding with any tip move.

Stoping its advance remains on the surface in horizontal position showing its flanks perpendicularly to the sight of the predator which stalks it and with a simple tip move Will show the opposite flank, taunting and inciting the attack of the most distrustful predator. Has two cavities that allow the regulation of the amount of the bubbles that it emits in its wake, creating confusión and commotion on its way.

The inner rattle generates and excellent frequency for moments when it needs to attract more attention, or on hte contrary, a silent version is also available for occasions that require it. ESPETIT is a lure that will allow us to fish during long days, providing great mobility, greater capacity to generate bubbles, vibration, flashes and commotion in a short space, and it will only be a matter of finding the pattern necessary to activate the predator in each moment, combining the fast or slow movements and the open or close.

ESPETIT is the weapon that will allow any surface fishing lover to provoke the bite of the best and most difficult trophies.

Our next challenge, expand the range of sizes and colors so any surface Fisher will be able to find his own perfect ESPETIT.

Color Chart


AY - Ayu
FB - Flashy Bleak
TA - Translucid Anc
BG - Hot Belly Glass
FS - Flashy Shad
MR - Matt Raigyo
TS - Tennessee Shad
CH - Chartreuse
GE - Grey Espetron
OI - Oikawa
W - White
FA - Flash Ayu
HS - Holo Shad
S - Sardine
WF - White n Flash


GC - Grey Cuda
MU - Mullet
MH - Mahi
TY - Tuny


BS - Matt Bass
MMH - Matt Mahi
MTY - Matt Tuny
PK - Matt Pike

Size Chart

Length/WeightTypeHook sizeAvailable Colors
95 mm/ 10.5 gr Rattling Treble #6 AY BG CH FS GE HS KI MR OI TA TS WF BS MU
95 mm/ 10.5 gr Silent Treble #6 MR WF
110 mm/ 16 gr Rattling Treble #4 AY BG CH FA FB FS WF BS PK GC MU
110 mm/ 16 gr Silent Treble #4 AY FA
125 mm/ 21 gr Rattling Treble #2 AY BG CH FA FB FS WF
125 mm/ 21 gr Silent Treble #2 AY FA
140 mm/ 32 gr Rattling Treble #1 AY CH FS S W WF BS MMH MTY PK GC MU
140 mm/ 32 gr Silent Treble #1 AY WF MH TY