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Espetit Heavy

Fishus Espetit Heavy

Small heavy minnow of 80 mm length and 32 grams/1.12 oz.

We have created this small silent minnow featuring an indestructible design, armed with an internal structure based on a laser-cut tempered steel core, perfect for fishing with Medium Heavy or Heavy tackle.

Designed for those situations when you need powerful gear to catch large predators that are feeding on small fry. Espetit Heavy can catch from bass to tuna, also works great on freshwater when we need to fish for big predators with pelagic habits and we require a small yet strong lure.

Available in 10 awesome colors, including 3 special Mimetic colors, which change the appearance of the lure when they get into the water.

Fishus Espetit Heavy

Color Chart


Fishus Espetit Heavy -BS - Hot Belly Sardine
BS - Hot Belly Sardine
Fishus Espetit Heavy -CH - Chartreuse
CH - Chartreuse
Fishus Espetit Heavy -FB - Flashy Bleak
FB - Flashy Bleak
Fishus Espetit Heavy -GR - Green Back
GR - Green Back
Fishus Espetit Heavy -HP - Holo Pearl
HP - Holo Pearl
Fishus Espetit Heavy -PH - Pink Holo
PH - Pink Holo


Fishus Espetit Heavy -MMH - Mimetic Mahi
MMH - Mimetic Mahi
Fishus Espetit Heavy -MU - Mimetic Mullet
MU - Mimetic Mullet
Fishus Espetit Heavy -PE - Mimetic Perch
PE - Mimetic Perch


Fishus Espetit Heavy -GC - Grey Cuda
GC - Grey Cuda

Size Chart

Length/WeightDepthTypeAvailable Colors
80 mm/ 32 gr - Sinking BS CH FB GR GC HP MMH PE PH MU
False AlbacoreFalse Albacore
Mahi MahiMahi Mahi
Largemouth BassLargemouth Bass