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Camou Bellyboat

Fishus Camou Bellyboat

If you are looking for an all-terrain tubeless fishing bellyboat, look no further.

Our Fishus by Lurenzo floattubes are big, strong and made to endure any fishing situation. Even fishing on saltwater!

  • Dimensions: 170 cm length -120 cm width- 35cm tube diameter.
  • Thermo-welded .90 mm PVC.
  • 2 big detachable side bags with pockets.
  • 3 rod holders at the seat backside.
  • 1 rigid rod holder.
  • 2 lightweight oars.
  • Protection/fish handling front net and security bar.
  • 2 lower keels to avoid damage while pulling it.
  • Carrying straps.
  • Repair Kit.
  • Air foot pump.
  • Maximum Load Weight 150 kg.

Fishus Camou Bellyboat
Fishus Camou Bellyboat