Fishus Lures : FW5 - Freshwater rods

Fishus FW5

Top quality 7’ spinning rod for freshwater lure fishing.
If you need light rod for finesse, wacky, drop-shot or split-shot, the Fishus FW5 will fit you like a glove.
A 7' spinning rod with a soft tip that will allow you to fish with thin lines without risk of breakage.
Despite its medium/light action, it has enough power reserve to control big fish. An impressive rod for topwater hard lures or small jerkbaits.

ACB Carbon blank

Fuji VSS Reel seat

Guides: KL Spin
FUJI SIC + FUJI Alconite

Wacky rig
Drop Shot
Ned Rig
Neko rig
Topwater lures


LengthWeightSectionsActionCWLineClosed l.
7' / 213cm 129gr 1 ML/F 1/7-3/8oz (4-10gr) PE 0.6-1.0 213cm