Fishus Lures : SW4 - Saltwater rods

Fishus SW4

8'8" Medium-Light Regular Fast rod for bass fishing.

Wind type, which allows us to fish both in calm waters and in foamy areas or rougher conditions in which we need an super-long cast.

With a great sensitivity and able to and to perform the right action for our lure, this is a very light rod for light fishing but with an impressive power reserve.

Perfect for 2500 size reels.

ACB Carbon blank

Fuji VSS Reel seat

Guides: KL Spin
FUJI SIC + FUJI Alconite

Regular fast
Weighted soft baits
Hard jerkbait
Seabass game
Fishus SW4
Fishus SW4


LengthWeightSectionsActionCWLineClosed l.
8'8" / 264cm 154gr 2 ML/RF ¼ - 1oz (7-28gr) PE 0.4-1.0 141cm