Designed to catch those distrustful fish that are under a lot of pressure, hard to fool with stickbaits.Espetit is a lure that allows reaching long distances and precise casts still with and extremely easy execution of the walking or sliding techniques.

When you stop it, this stickbait remains on the surface in horizontal position making it easy to sight for any predator that may be stalking around.
Then, with a simple tip move it will show the opposite flank, taunting and triggering the attack of the most skeptical predator.

Features two cavities to adjust the amount of the bubbles produced depending on how we move it, creating confusion and commotion on its way.
The inner rattle generates a specific frequency for moments you need to make some noise, on the other side, a silent version is also available for times when we need no rattling.
ESPETIT is a lure that will allow us to fish during long days, with an awesome movement, bubbling, vibration, flashing and commotion in little space. It's only a matter of finding the required pattern to trigger the predator, combining the fast or slow movements and open or close sliding.

ESPETIT is the weapon that will allow any topwater fishing lover to make that desired big record fish bite.

Our next challenge is expanding the range of sizes and colors so any topwater angler will be able to find his own perfect ESPETIT.

Color Chart


Fishus Espetit -AY - Ayu
AY - Ayu
Fishus Espetit -FB - Flashy Bleak
FB - Flashy Bleak
Fishus Espetit -KI - KINKURO
Fishus Espetit -TA - Translucid Anc
TA - Translucid Anc
Fishus Espetit -BG - Hot Belly Glass
BG - Hot Belly Glass
Fishus Espetit -FS - Flashy Shad
FS - Flashy Shad
Fishus Espetit -MR - Matt Raigyo
MR - Matt Raigyo
Fishus Espetit -TS - Tennessee Shad
TS - Tennessee Shad
Fishus Espetit -CH - Chartreuse
CH - Chartreuse
Fishus Espetit -GE - Grey Espetron
GE - Grey Espetron
Fishus Espetit -OI - Oikawa
OI - Oikawa
Fishus Espetit -CDS - Candy Shrimp
CDS - Candy Shrimp
Fishus Espetit -W - White
W - White
Fishus Espetit -PYS- Psycho Shrimp
PYS- Psycho Shrimp
Fishus Espetit -FA - Flash Ayu
FA - Flash Ayu
Fishus Espetit -HS - Holo Shad
HS - Holo Shad
Fishus Espetit -S - Sardine
S - Sardine
Fishus Espetit -WF - White n Flash
WF - White n Flash


Fishus Espetit -GC - Grey Cuda
GC - Grey Cuda
Fishus Espetit -MU - Mullet
MU - Mullet
Fishus Espetit -MH - Mahi
MH - Mahi
Fishus Espetit -TY - Tuny
TY - Tuny


Fishus Espetit -BS - Mimetic Bass
BS - Mimetic Bass
Fishus Espetit -MMH - Mimetic Mahi
MMH - Mimetic Mahi
Fishus Espetit -MTY - Mimetic Tuny
MTY - Mimetic Tuny
Fishus Espetit -PK - Mimetic Pike
PK - Mimetic Pike
Fishus Espetit -MPE - Mimetic Perch
MPE - Mimetic Perch

Size Chart

Length/WeightTypeHook sizeAvailable Colors
70 mm/ 6.8 gr Rattling Treble #8 AY CDS FS GC MU MPE PYS W WF
70 mm/ 6.8 gr Silent Treble #8 FB
95 mm/ 10.5 gr Rattling Treble #6 AY BG CH FS GE HS KI MR OI TA TS WF BS MU
95 mm/ 10.5 gr Silent Treble #6 MR WF
110 mm/ 16 gr Rattling Treble #4 AY BG CH FA FB FS WF BS PK GC MU
110 mm/ 16 gr Silent Treble #4 AY FA
125 mm/ 21 gr Rattling Treble #2 AY BG CH FA FB FS WF
125 mm/ 21 gr Silent Treble #2 AY FA
140 mm/ 32 gr Rattling Treble #1 AY CH FS S W WF BS MMH MTY PK GC MU
140 mm/ 32 gr Silent Treble #1 AY WF MH TY