Don Belone

Don Belone

In 2009 Isaac Lorenzo began to crave a piece of wood to create a new concept in topwater lures, different from any other in the market to fulfill his own basic needs as an angler. A garfish imitation to catch bluefish and leerfish. He was unaware that piece of wood would mark a before and after in his career as an angler and the fishing journeys of thousands of anglers worldwide.
Every fisherman knows that garfish is the basic diet for any sea predators, and if we want to achieve a great catch, a garfish is a truly unbeatable candy for it.

Don Belone is a lure that allows you to fish from any location, which has the ability to cast much farther than any lure with a similar thin profile, that is able to move on the different water layers that we can face in this fishing style, as a surface lure allows us to fish on both axises.
Also we can change its configuration with different types of hooks depending on the type of fishing we choose, and even make it more attractive by adding a spinner or a feather.

It's an extremely effective lure while fishing slowly, as well as fast and violently.
The catch history of this lure is impressive, specially designed to make a difference with bluefish and leerfish but Don Belone has landed mediterranean spearfish, swordfish, tunny, amberjack, dentex, longfin tuna on trolling, sea bass, Mahi, jacks, queenfish, kingfish, etc.

Color Chart


Fishus Don Belone -BB - Blue Back
BB - Blue Back
Fishus Don Belone -CH - Chartreuse
CH - Chartreuse
Fishus Don Belone -FS - Flashy Shad
FS - Flashy Shad
Fishus Don Belone -HP - Holo Pearl
HP - Holo Pearl
Fishus Don Belone -GC - Grey Cuda
GC - Grey Cuda
Fishus Don Belone -GR - Green Back
GR - Green Back
Fishus Don Belone -PW - Pink White Color
PW - Pink White Color
Fishus Don Belone -S - Sardine
S - Sardine
Fishus Don Belone -W - White
W - White


Fishus Don Belone -BA - Barracuda
BA - Barracuda

Size Chart

Length/WeightTypeHook sizeAvailable Colors
140 mm/ 13.5 gr Floating Treble #4 BB CH FS GR W BA
140 mm/ 15 gr Sinking Treble #4 BB CH FS GR W BA
230 mm/ 30 gr Sinking Treble #1 BB CH GC GR HP PW S W
230 mm/ 40 gr Fast Sinking Treble #1 GC GR W
240 mm/ 56 gr Fast Sinking #1/0 and 2/0 Trebles BB CH FS GR W BA