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Hook Stocker

Fishus Hook Stocker

The essential companion for organized and protected terminal tackle

Say goodbye to unorganised hooks, corrosion, and rust with the Fishus Hook Stocker, the compact, waterproof solution for storing and transporting your fishing terminal tackle.
Encased in durable, 100% waterproof silicone material, your hooks, snaps, clip weights and even your swimbait tails will remain safe from the elements, ensuring their longevity and performance.

Inside, you'll find ten spacious, zip-closing bags to neatly organize your tackle, keeping everything in its place and easily accessible.
The velcro closure and silicone handle ensure the Fishus Hook Stocker keeps your hooks protected even on harsh situations, whether you're walking through the bank or fishing on the boat.

With its compact size and versatile design, the Fishus Hook Stocker is the perfect companion for easily and fast rigging your lures wihout the mess of having dozens of scattered hook packs on your box.

Size: 105mmx80x50mm

Fishus Hook Stocker
Fishus Hook Stocker