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Fishus Espejig

Get your vertical fishing to a new level with the Espejig!

Crafted with an extra-thick alloy for enhanced weight, the Espejig delivers a controlled fall that will sink deep into the water column, attracting fish from all layers. Its unique body shape ensures effortless fast jigging action, making it easy to manipulate in the water to mimic the movement of a badly wounded prey.
The razor-sharp assist hooks will make sure you don't miss a hookset.
And to further enhance its mesmerizing appeal, the Espejig features a stainless steel tail that emits extra flash and vibration. This combination of visual and fluttering stimuli will drive fish wild.

Available in 5 sizes making it the perfect lure for targeting a wide variety of species.

Fishus Espejig

Color Chart


Fishus Espejig -AN - Anchovy
AN - Anchovy
Fishus Espejig -BC - Black Chrome
BC - Black Chrome
Fishus Espejig -CH - Chartreuse Rainbow
CH - Chartreuse Rainbow
Fishus Espejig -GR - Golden Red Striped
GR - Golden Red Striped
Fishus Espejig -HM - Horse Mackerel
HM - Horse Mackerel
Fishus Espejig -P - Pink
P - Pink
Fishus Espejig -PB - Pink Blue
PB - Pink Blue


Fishus Espejig -M - Mackerel
M - Mackerel
Fishus Espejig -SD - Sardine
SD - Sardine

Size Chart

LengthWeightAssist HooksAvailable Colors
40mm 7 gr / ¼ oz 2 AN BC CH GR HM PB P M SD
55mm 15 gr / ½ oz 2 AN BC CH GR HM PB P M SD
65mm 25 gr / 0.88 oz 2 AN BC CH GR HM PB P M SD
68mm 35 gr / 1 ¼ oz 2 AN BC CH GR HM PB P M SD
73mm 45 gr / 1.58 oz 2 AN BC CH GR HM PB P M SD