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Ned Tungsten Jigheads

Fishus Ned Tungsten Jigheads

The Ned Rig is a finesse fishing technique that has been around for some time but has been gaining momentum in the last years. It is a simple yet effective approach that utilizes a lightweight flat jighead paired with a soft plastic bait to mimic natural forage or insects feeding on the bottom in a vertical position and tempt fish to strike.
This is a versatile technique that can be used effectively throughout the year.
Simply cast the Ned Rig and let it sink to the bottom. Allow it to sit motionless for a few seconds, then twitch it slightly or slowly reel it in.

Fishus Ned Rig jigheads feature high-grade carbon steel hooks, providing the jighead improved strength, sharpness, and corrosion resistance.
Crafted from premium tungsten, a material renowned for its compact size compared to lead and zinc.
This combination translates into enhanced sensitivity with the bottom, and better performance on a finnese fishing combo.

Fishus Ned Tungsten Jigheads


RefWeightHook LengthPcs/Bl
FIJTNE18 1.8 gr 3.2cm 4
FIJTNE27 2.7 gr 3.5cm 3
FIJTNE35 3.5 gr 3.6cm 3