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Tungsten Inserts

Fishus Tungsten Inserts

Tungsten's exceptional density allows for precise weight distribution, ensuring that your soft plastic bait falls and swims naturally. This realistic presentation is crucial for triggering strikes from even the most discerning fish.

Fishus Tungsten insert weights are the perfect companion for the Neko and Hover Strolling rigs with soft plastics, two finesse fishing techniques that have taken the bass and predator fishing world by storm, enhancing your presentation and unlocking the true potential of some soft baits.

Our Tungsten insert weights pierce through even the toughest soft plastics, making them a breeze to attach to your bait. The pointed head ensures a secure and stable fit, preventing your weight from sliding or rotating during your retrieve.

The design of our Tungsten insert weights fits most soft jerkbaits that mimic small baitfish in distress, also perfect for adding some extra weight or balancing weightless soft paddle tails.

Available in 3 different sizes.

Fishus Tungsten Inserts
Fishus Tungsten Inserts


FIJTIN04 0.45 gr 10
FIJTIN09 0.9 gr 10
FIJTIN14 1.47 gr 10