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Cheburashka Tungsten Weights

Fishus Cheburashka Tungsten Weights

Lead-free tungsten cheburashka tungsten weights are perfect for bottom jigging with soft plastic lures, with an easy to clip pin to adapt any worm or weedless type hook.
Tired of bulky, cumbersome lead weights that hinder your fishing prowess? Elevate your angling experience with Fishus tungsten cheburashka,a new standard in finesse fishing.

Unleash the Power of Tungsten
Tungsten, a highly dense material, packs 1.7 times the weight of lead in a smaller package. This means you can achieve the perfect weight distribution without compromising the size of your rigs. This translates to enhanced casting distance, improved maneuverability, and a more natural presentation of your bait or lure.

Feel the Bottom, Sense the Strike
Tungsten's exceptional hardness allows for unparalleled sensitivity, allowing you to feel the subtlest changes in the bottom as you retrieve or drift your bait. This enhanced tactile feedback gives you a deeper understanding of the underwater terrain, enabling you to pinpoint prime fishing spots and detect subtle bites that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The smaller size of tungsten cheburashka allows you to reduce the bulk of your rigs, further enhancing your ability to conceal your lure. This becomes particularly crucial when fishing in clear waters or for wary fish species. The natural presentation will get the interest of even the most discerning predators.

Experience the Difference.

Fishus Cheburashka Tungsten Weights
Fishus Cheburashka Tungsten Weights


FIJTCH01 1.5 gr 4
FIJTCH02 2 gr 4
FIJTCH05 5 gr 2
FIJTCH10 10 gr 2