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Don Belone Mini

Fishus Don Belone Mini

Based on the original concept of the Don Belone, the "Mini" size is focused on seabass and other medium size predators that feed on garfish and small fry.

The 100mm size is more suitable for longer casts, casting longer than any other surface lures of this size. I will splash water like a pencilbait, and being a sinking lure this is perfect for walking the dog and subwalking in both shallow and deeper areas where fish feed close to the surface.
The 75mm size emulates a small garfish or sandeel that moves in the first layer of water trying to go unnoticed without noise or splashing, although you can let it sink and apply jerks for a slightly erratic action.
On topwater, you can lift the rod tip and move it slowly so that it creates a small wake as it moves forward, a really effective action in still water situations and no-wind days.

Fishus Don Belone Mini

Color Chart

Fishus Don Belone Mini -17cm/6.8
Fishus Don Belone Mini -BTB  - Blue Translucid Back
BTB - Blue Translucid Back
Fishus Don Belone Mini -CL - Candy Lemon
CL - Candy Lemon
Fishus Don Belone Mini -FS - Flashy Shad
FS - Flashy Shad
Fishus Don Belone Mini -40gr/1.4oz
Fishus Don Belone Mini -MG - Matt Green Back
MG - Matt Green Back
Fishus Don Belone Mini -MW - Matt White
MW - Matt White
Fishus Don Belone Mini -TP - Translucid Pink
TP - Translucid Pink

Size Chart

LengthWeightHook SizeTypeAvailable Colors
75mm 7 gr / ¼oz Treble #10 Fast Sinking / Silent BTB CL FS MG MW TP
Mahi MahiMahi Mahi
100mm 10 gr / 0.35oz Treble #6 Fast Sinking / Silent BTB CL FS MG MW TP
False AlbacoreFalse Albacore
Mahi MahiMahi Mahi