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Bass Trap Worm

Fishus Bass Trap Worm

The Bass Trap is a finesse fishing worm made with our double-component formula, but without salt in the head.
This translates into a highly "customizable" bait, thanks to its asymmetrical profile and double density, it can be rigged in multiple ways: Wacky, Ned rig, Neko, Split Shot, Shakey, Texas, DropShot... .
But, the cool thing about it is that depending on the side you rig it you'll get a variety of different actions.
So no matter the situation, depth or kind of terrain, you'll always have a BassTrap worm for any scenario.

Color Chart

Fishus Bass Trap Worm -GPB - Green Pumpkin Black Flake
GPB - Green Pumpkin Black Flake
Fishus Bass Trap Worm -NS - Natural Shad
NS - Natural Shad
Fishus Bass Trap Worm -PM - Pumpkin Magic
PM - Pumpkin Magic
Fishus Bass Trap Worm -SC - Scuppernong
SC - Scuppernong
Fishus Bass Trap Worm -W - Watermelon No Flake
W - Watermelon No Flake
Fishus Bass Trap Worm -WRB - Watermelon Red & Black Flake
WRB - Watermelon Red & Black Flake

Size Chart

LengthWeightAvailable Colors
12cm/4.7" 6.5gr/0.22oz GPB NS PM SC W WRB
Largemouth BassLargemouth Bass