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Fishus Espetit Soft Shad

Based upon the design of the Espetit Soft Jerk and made with the same double density composition. The perfect weapon to cover water, making it easily detectable thanks to its paddle tail, designed to be ever-moving with the slightest reel spin or water current.
Its subtle rolling and smooth vibration trail is deadly when fish reject other lures with wider tails that make tons of vibration.
Also a true fish magnet on the drop, it can also be rigged upside-down , to get a more intense tail vibration!
Perfect to be rigged on any jig head, a swimbait hook, as a spinnerbait/chatterbait trailer, Texas rig, Cheburashka... An all-terrain lure!

Espetit Soft Shad
SSA formula + natural scent

Fishus Espetit Soft Shad
Fishus Espetit Soft Shad

Color Chart

Fishus Espetit Soft Shad -GPB - Green Pumpkin Black Flake
GPB - Green Pumpkin Black Flake
Fishus Espetit Soft Shad -MW - Magic White
MW - Magic White
Fishus Espetit Soft Shad -PB - Pro Blue
PB - Pro Blue
Fishus Espetit Soft Shad -SW - Solid White
SW - Solid White
Fishus Espetit Soft Shad -WSF - White Silver Flake
WSF - White Silver Flake

Size Chart

LengthWeightAvailable Colors
12cm/4.7" 9.7gr/0.35oz GPB MW PB SW WSF
Largemouth BassLargemouth Bass