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Fishus Espetit Soft Jerk

Soft plastic jerkbait made with high quality material mixing salt, amino acids and shrimp scent.
The salt density arrangement keeps the lure perfectly balanced, and along the V-tail design and lower appendix translate into a flawless fall, with a subtle tail movement and soft body wiggling.
As soon as you jerk the lure changes direction while making a highly attractive tail vibration. It will work with an effective nervous movement on a moderate-fast retrieve.
Rig it upside-down and you'll be able to move it on an even more aggressive way.
Perfect for wide-gap Texas-style hooks on freshwater but also incredibly effective on saltwater, rigging it on a darting jighead is perfect those times when a paddle-tail lure won't trigger a bite.

Espetit Soft Jerk
SSA formula + natural scent

Fishus Espetit Soft Jerk
Fishus Espetit Soft Jerk

Color Chart

Fishus Espetit Soft Jerk -CW- Chartreuse White
CW- Chartreuse White
Fishus Espetit Soft Jerk -MW- Magic White
MW- Magic White
Fishus Espetit Soft Jerk -OS - Olive Shad
OS - Olive Shad
Fishus Espetit Soft Jerk -PB - Pro Blue
PB - Pro Blue
Fishus Espetit Soft Jerk -SM - Shiny Smoke
SM - Shiny Smoke
Fishus Espetit Soft Jerk -SS - Silver Shad
SS - Silver Shad
Fishus Espetit Soft Jerk -SW - Solid White
SW - Solid White

Size Chart

LengthWeightAvailable Colors
8cm/3" 2.4gr/0.08oz MW OS PB SM SS SW
10cm/3.9" 5gr/0.2oz MW OS PB SM SS SW
11.5cm/4.5" 9gr/0.30oz CW MW OS PB SS SM SW
Largemouth BassLargemouth Bass
15cm/6" 19gr/0.67oz MW OS PB SM SS
Largemouth BassLargemouth Bass