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Fishus Espetron

Under the appearance of a small 20cm barracuda, an unique, new, and different lure to target large predators, The Espetron, was born in 2009.

A lure created to meet the requirements of highly specific anglers, dedicated in heart and soul to the most demanding fishing; who bring to its development all their experience and knowledge. By becoming next to his sister Don Belone as the cream of the crop in their tackle boxes.
A stickbait that will print on your retina chases and unforgettable topwater attacks that will leave you breathless. It's not how many fish you get, it is about getting the best catch in the most spectacular way possible. This is the essence of Espetron.

This topwater lure can be cast by medium and heavy spinning gear; either from shore, boat or bellyboat, in coastal and pelagic waters. The Espetron allows you to reach dream fish in a multitude of scenarios; leerfish, bluefish, sea bass, amberjack, dentex, tuna, queenfish, Mahi, grouper, cubera, roosterfish, jacks, etc.

With an outstanding casting distance, the Espetron can execute a "walking the dog" at any retrieve speed. Don't care about wind or water conditions, it will work where others just lost their action and effectiveness.

Fishus Espetron
Fishus Espetron

Color Chart


Fishus Espetron -BL - Blue Cuda
BL - Blue Cuda
Fishus Espetron -CH - Chartreuse
CH - Chartreuse
Fishus Espetron -GB - Grey Back
GB - Grey Back
Fishus Espetron -GC - Grey Cuda
GC - Grey Cuda
Fishus Espetron -HP - Holo Pearl
HP - Holo Pearl
Fishus Espetron -MA - Mackerel
MA - Mackerel
Fishus Espetron -S - Sardine
S - Sardine
Fishus Espetron -W- White
W- White
Fishus Espetron -WA - Wahoo Albin
WA - Wahoo Albin

Size Chart

Length/WeightTypeHook sizeAvailable Colors
195 mm/ 45 gr Rattling Hooks not included BL CH GB GC HP MA S W WA
False AlbacoreFalse Albacore
Mahi MahiMahi Mahi