Fishus Lures : Seabass fishing on kayak with Ubuntu Popper

Seabass fishing on kayak with Ubuntu Popper

Fishus Lures news : Seabass fishing on kayak with Ubuntu Popper

The friendship with Isaac has lasted for many years .When my favorite brand joined the Yuki group the collaboration simply had to happen.

Today I am proud to be a member of pro staff Yuki - Fishus by Lurenzo. Knowing Isaac, I had no doubt that a handful of premium products would hit the market in the coming period.
Fishus by Lurenzo lures are ideal for my techniques, especially topwater predator fishing, which is my specialty.

Fishus by Lurenzo Ubuntu Popper

Sea bass are my priority, but I occasionally make exceptions with other marine predators.

I couldn't say I have a favorite model of a decoy, they all have their purpose and I use them depending on the current situation. But Ubuntu popper gave me the most beautiful fish so far. Especially when provoking sea bass to defend its territories and then it interprets popper as an intruder on its protected terrain. Then we can see spectacular attacks on the surface.

Seabass caught with Fishus by Lurenzo Ubuntu Popper on kayak

I present the small Ubuntu 70mm model energetically with short breaks and such presentation gives me the best results. Sea bass adores this beautiful little popper. The most relevant to me are the ghost models with flash foil where the light refracts and gives a plus effect.

For larger models like the 135mm, the presentation is completely opposite. By using a kayak I have far more opportunities and access to terrains that I cannot approach without this type of vessel.

It is much easier to approach terrains where I can get large sea bass .

Miro Jovica with Lurenzo Ubuntu Popper 135mm

I present Ubuntu 135mm subtly with long pauses of up to 10 seconds. The louder I present the popper, the bigger sea bass I get and what I like best is that I can catch it in the middle of the day in all weather conditions.

In winter and spring, I often catch large sea bass with the described presentation, but primarily my best experience with these models is the visual impression of how sea bass attacks on the surface.

The attacks are spectacular and remain deeply etched in memory.

Miro Jovica

Fishus by Lurenzo Ubuntu Popper lure

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