Fishus Lures : Don Belone and Espetron, the origins

Don Belone and Espetron, the origins

Fishus Lures news : Don Belone and Espetron, the origins

Many years ago, our passion brought us together, joining a group of Friends around the idea of a cool guy, who wanted to develop the ideas that hovered in his crazy head. To create some lures made by a passionate angler, a lure aimed at those responsible fishermen, topwater fishing lovers, to catch that predatory species that lurk in the Mediterranean sea.

I had already convinced my Friend, Isaac Lorenzo, to buy a wood chunk, and develop his ideas ... and starting in 2011, after many tests and pieces of wood, he shows a few Friends this ..

prototipos Espetron y Don Belone

We were about to witness a dream coming true, in wood, but with a solid project already in his head: to make them in another material, so his work would reach further, and a few of us had the oportunity to test that blessed madness.

He introduced Don Belone to us

prototipo Lurenzo Don Belone

A 22 centimeter "pencil garfish" as he called it , which perfectly imitated a garfish, fleeing in terror, which can be moved in many diffeent ways, after casting it to infinity and beyond ...

But he had another "Ace" up his sleeve, and he showed us the ideal partner for the Belone...

prototipo Lurenzo Espetron

The Espetron, a 15-centimeter stickbait, he knew that he would be able to arrange different configurations to that prototype, due to its shape. And this has been demonstrated over time.

It didn't take long to find out that the fish were interested in these designs, Ebro Delta witnessed the first aggressive strikes that we were looking for ... and to this day they never cease to amaze me when an bluefish or a leerfish apprears from the immense blue, attacking these lures that our friend Isaac created, and that today ,in collaboration with Fishus, are available worldwide for the joy of the most responsible anglers.

Prototipo seuelo Lurenzo Espetron

Another day, if Isaac lets me, we will present other prototypes that few of us could enjoy and that will surely see the light of day, thanks to this wonderful collaboration.

Thanks Isaac Lorenzo, thanks Fishus

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