Espetit Jerk

Espetit Jerk

Behold the new ESPETIT JERK, developed by Isaac Lorenzo, an 85mm and 8.6 gram suspending jerkbait.

An all-terrain lure for fishing both shallow waters and deep holes, currents or still waters... Predators will hammer it.

Designed for trout, seabass, blackbass, perch, chub and asp with light tackle.

The ESPETIT JERK works perfectly both in steady retrieve swimming with a very sinuous wobbling or with jerks and stops, featuring a very nervous and unpredictable movement, which, along its tugsten rattling will trigger the attack of tricky fish.

Available in 10 carefully chosen colors, including 2 special Mimetic colors, that change their appearance when getting into the water.



AY - Ayu
BL - Bleak
CR - Crystal Purple
FS - Flashy Shad
PY - Pink Yamame
SX - Sexy Shad
WF - White n Flash
YA - Yamame


PE - Perch
TR - Rainbow Trout

Größen tabelle

Länge/GewichtTypTiefeVerfügbare Farben
85 mm/ 8.6 gr Suspending 0.20-1.20m AY BL CR FS PW PY SX TR WF YA